equipping pastors to meet special congregational needs


Intentional appointed for a specific purpose including but limit to:

-Aftercare in the event of clergy disability, death or misconduct
-Conflict management
-Paragraph 213 Assessments
-Pastoral transitions
-Sabbatical Leave support


Interim – appointed for a designated time period agreed upon in advance

  • Interim appointments may be made for less than full time service
  • Interim appointments may be made at times other than annual conference
  • The length of Interim service is established in advance and may be for less than one year





Ministryproviding leadership and pastoral care to congregations

IIMS are experienced, effective clergy specially trained to meet special congregational needs.
They do all that the pastor is placed to do, but with the clear strategies of the four formative tasks.



Specialist—experienced, effective and specially trained clergy

IIMS are encouraged to continue honing their gifts for ministry and to “specialize” in a particular ministry area.  Some IIMS specialties include…more>>